Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making and baking

The nip in the air on Saturday morning reminded me that I had some lovely russet wool from the Yarn Warehouse just begging to be knitted up for granddaughter Millie's first autumn wardrobe. This simple little Debbie Bliss sweater was ready for packing and posting on Monday, leaving me with plenty of time to get on with some baking.Every year at this time we are all invited to join in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. I don't have space to host a large coffee morning, so I have a cake sale at my church on Saturday afternoon.The Victoria sponges, tray bakes and cup cakes will all be made on Saturday morning but I have made a few fruit cakes already and lots of biscuits and cookies.

These are lavender biscuits, made from the Wintershall recipe.

And I used a recipe of Nan's from the Hill Farm for these very delicious chocolate chip cookies. I enjoyed using the set of American measuring cups that I've had for a while and now I wonder why we bother with scales. I'm converted, I just need to convert all my favourite recipes.

I hope to raise a little money for Macmillan on Saturday, but more important is the raising of awareness of the work they do for cancer patients and their families. I owe them a great deal and making a few cakes and cookies is a very small token of appreciation.


  1. I know just how delicious your lavender biscuits are, M. And what a very good cause.

  2. Oh yummy, how scruptious everything looks. Hope your cake sale is as successful as befits such fabulous goodies. If I lived nearer I'd rush over and buy the whole lot!

  3. D and J - so far I have been very good and limited myself to one (yes!) chocolate chip cookie. I will be relieved when all the goodies have been sold and temptation no longer has to be resisted. Of course I want lots of people who cannot resist temptation to come to the sale.

  4. Is the Victoria sponge recipe somewhere on your blog?? And I am so very pleased you made the cookies from my recipe!

  5. Nan, I'm not sure what recipes I've posted on the blog. I've been admiring the way you have organised yours and thought I might do the same kind of thing - not until after the cake sale, though!

  6. I hope your cake sale goes well this afternoon. Excellent cause.


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