Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My shed

Dear friend Juliet who lives on the Muddy Island of Mersea has been nagging me to photograph my shed. As you can see here, Juliet knows some pretty smart sheds and mine would certainly not fall into that category but, just to keep her quiet I'll show you why I will not be entering for the 'shed of the year award' unless they have a special prize for the shed containing the greatest amount of junk.
Here is the entrance: a simple hole between the house and garden. Enter it's murky depths if you dare!

In the days when our house was a farm house, the shed was part of the dairy. The stalls now hold my garden tools

the MM's spare golf clubs

pots of paint

television from daughter's student flatand various bits of furniture
So now you see, J, why I haven't been in a hurry to send in my shed pictures to be compared with the beautiful and the interesting ones on Shedworking.

Here's the other part of the old dairy that we have got around to improving. It was in a worse state than the bit we use as a shed, so we added a door and a roof and converted it into a dining room. I can't find any 'before' pictures, unfortunately; it might have won some admiration as a shed conversion!


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  2. m. great minds are thinking alike again. The old TV in your shed must surely be a twin of this one in our garage.

  3. M - it's the most *fabulous* shed - I don't know why you've kept so quiet about it for so long!

  4. e, I thought we were the only hoarders of ancient technology!

    J, oh yeah??

  5. I have stuff like that, M. Except that it isn't really in the ancient shed (which was once a privy is now collapsing), it's in the narrow stone passage that leads to the rear of the house and the back garden, which makes for a lot of fun when trying to take anything large and cumbersome from the front of the house to the back.

  6. Junk. What would we do without it? I need to develop a ruthless streak but I always find that when I have been determined and thrown out a lot of 'stuff', that is always the very stuff I really need six months later.

    We should have been nurses, D. All the nurses I shared flats with were obsessively tidy.

  7. What a comfort your shed is! Trouble is, I have two & a half sheds, a garage and one & a half attics, all full of junk. The main attic is so terrifying that I try not to think about it.

  8. Ah, Susie, my junk is not confined to the shed!


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