Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cake fundraiser

My marathon baking day is over, thank you for all the encouraging comments and emails. All the goodies sold and we raised £80 for a worthy cause. Not a huge amount, but the cake sale provided an opportunity to remind people of the work of Macmillan Cancer Support. As people choose their cakes, they start to talk about their own experience or raise a concern about a relative, friend or neighbour and it is good to be able to encourage them to seek the right kind of advice or help.

Here is what I made and sold. I will put up the recipes soon but just now, I've had quite enough of cakes!

1. cherry slices

2. Lemon drizzle bars

3. Sticky coconut and lime cake

4. Squidgy chocolate squares

5. Victoria sponge
The other items appeared on the last post:
6. Boiled fruit cakes

7. Nan's chocolate chip cookies

8. Lavender biscuits


  1. Congratulations on raising so much. The cakes look utterly divine and delicious. And as for 'sticky coconut and lime cake' - recipe ASAP please!!!!

  2. J, that's a new recipe I tried out and I was hoping it wouldn't sell so that I could take it home again! I'll put it up soon.

  3. That's quite a cakeathon, M. Well done! As you say, raising awareness is as important as raising money. But you did both, so I think that must warrant ever so many good house points (or gold stars).

    I'm with Juliet re the sticky coconut and lime. And in that coincidental way, I was reminiscing last night about my mother's totally fab coconut cake and wondering if I could produce one as good as hers. (I've still got her recipe books . . .)

  4. Wowzers! That's a mighty fine amount of baked goods. I'm glad it sold well and for a good cause. You deserve a nice glass of wine after all of that hard work.


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