Thursday, July 31, 2008

The lavender biscuits

I picked a bowl of lavender flowers.

Chopped them finely. They lost their colour in the process but not their wonderful aroma.
Mixed them with butter, sugar and flour and cooked in the Aga for about 15 minutes.
And here are the finished lavender biscuits, predictably random in shape and size.


  1. Well I did try just one, for quality control purposes only, of course. And yes, YUM!

  2. I can smell them from here. Heavenly, but then my idea of heaven is a large plate of cookies, a glass of cold milk, a comfortable chair w/good light and a laptop w/high speed internet connection and tons of ebooks loaded on.

  3. I'm with you, e, except for the ebooks. I prefer to hold the old-fashioned paper kind.

  4. I would never have thought to put lavender into biscuits but they look absolutely scrummy!


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