Monday, October 24, 2011

What I did with my time

My internet problems appear to have been resolved - it was difficult to type that with all my fingers crossed! So what have I been doing for six weeks instead of reading all my favourite blogs and writing the occasional post? I am pleased to say that I am way ahead of myself with Christmas makes. I have three large boxes full of jams and chutneys, I made three capes for the grandchildren, a warm woolly jacket for Benjamin, a tiny lacy jumper for the new baby (coming soon!), several scarves and mittens for great nieces and nephews. And I read many more books than usual. Perhaps I should write and thank BT for all the time I saved.

Here are a few of the goodies:

I had planned to make a Little Red Riding Hood cape but when I saw this lovely sparkly Christmas fabric in the store I decided to make  reversible capes. I hope the children will find them very versatile. The two girls will have red and cream and Benjamin will have a more wizardly green.
They are hanging beside my desk and I keep turning to look at them in amazement that I have three finished items and October isn't over yet.
I bought the wool for this sweater from a local farm that rears rare breed sheep. It is beautifully soft and warm. Then, on a much cheaper note, I found these giant balls of Aran wool in the nearby town. I think everyone will be having scarves and gloves for Christmas. (I put the paperback alongside to give an idea of the size of the skeins. Each weighs 400g)
I'm off again tomorrow for a few days but this time it will be on a visit to Adelephant and the children and not because I can't get online. See you soon.


  1. You have created such a warm and homey feeling with your wonderful capes, and the yarn from rare sheep breeds, and the chutneys.
    I must ask, what is the title of the book in the photo? Just curious. I do love books.

  2. Thank you, Terra. The book is The Famished Road by Ben Okri. It just happened to be the book I picked off the shelf, not one of those I read recently. In fact I think I probably read it more than ten years ago! I love Ben Okri's poetry.

  3. Wow! You sure know how to make a person feel guilty.

    Your output is adorable and I don't think I've ever seen such large skeins of yarn. You'll have to put your knitting basket on wheels.

    Have fun and safe trip.

  4. How have been busy and with such great results! :0)
    Nice to have you back :0)

  5. Oh, most impressive , M!

    Am very good at starting, less so at finishing. At present, the knitting tally is: one pair of alpaca socks (unfinished) for daughter; one jacket, with tiny matching shoes (unfinished), for client's baby girl; one jacket (unfinished) for another client's dog . . .

    I did, however, finish my photography course.


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