Saturday, October 15, 2011

My super fast broadband

Why didn't they leave it alone? It was slow but it was steady. Over the last six weeks or so, we have had hours, days and even 2 full weeks without internet connection. But can we get any information from BT? Ring the helpline and you find yourself in a queue with a recorded message telling you they are unusually busy (not that unusual!) and you should try again later. You could, the pleasant voice tells you, find the help you need by clicking on to their website. I know...... yelling at a recorded message that you haven't got internet access and that's why you are calling does no good but it can't really be resisted. By the fourth day of trying to get through the yelling gets louder and more colourful.

Eventually, during one of the brief periods when the broadband came back to life, I had an email from BT explaining that we have now been upgraded to superfast broadband and that, after a period of ten days when we might experience some loss of connection, the new system would stabilise and our broadband experience would be wonderful.

We had no connection today between 10.00am and 11.00pm. I'm writing this hurriedly before going to sleepor getting cut off again. I was supposed to be writing a post about food for Blog Action Day tomorrow but I may not get it posted. Lots of other people around the world will be writing about food  so I hope you will all be reading what they have to say, even if I can't.

Ho hum!


  1. ... This new format requires you to be signed in to your own blog if you want your identity to be recognised.

    m. you'll just have to guess who're writing comments from now on. Should keep things interesting.

    Why are improvements always worse than what they're replacing?

  2. Oh you poor lamb..I bet the language was really's when I start hissing "I just want to speak to a *Z** human being" that I know there is no hope... hopefully it'll be better soon..fingers and toes crossed!

  3. I don't mean to be critical, but I liked the old picture better.

  4. e

    So do I. I was just experimenting with changes when the connection went down again! I was off line all day again. That was the tenth day since the upgrade so I'm hoping that all the problems are over - she says with faint hope!

  5. Hi Mo, Think yourself lucky about not having a regular and reliable internet access. Here in Greece it is the only thing going to be working.
    Look at to see the pickle we are in here. I hope the boats, taxis and planes are working on Sunday for me to get back to England. Already people are stressed over missing flights etc because of the public service action this week.
    Hope to see you soon but it could be 2012 at this rate.

  6. Best wishes in staying connected. xx

  7. Thanks for the sympathy, Val and Jodi. Sorry I haven't visited yout in a while but the brief periods of connection are very unreliable! The ten days of instability should end today so perhaps all will be well tomorrow.

  8. John, I've just checked the website and it looks as if there will be flights after Thursday. Good luck!

  9. Glad to see your adorable little chicks back up.

    Two couples in our small circle cancelled planned vacations to Greece this summer. Their tourist season must have been a disaster adding to their economic woes.

    Hope everyone gets where they want to go safely.

  10. Hi Mo, Avice to all Graecophiles would be to go ahead with holiday plans here as the locals need their economic contributions. However, with insider knowledge it is best to plan travel at weekends. Most of the strikes are organised for Wednesdays. This is half day closing for public and private sector services all over Greece (the strikers only lose half days pay. Not so stupid after all!!
    I fly Sundays - forward planning. No worries be home Sunday.

  11. Maureen,
    I do hope that your connection has decided to coopeate now when the ten days are up!
    Computers are wonderful - when/if they behave.


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