Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How long is a piece of yarn?

My internet problems appear to be over and I am attempting to get back to blogging. While confined to the real world, I have been busy. The giant skein of yarn that I pictured below has been put to good use and here is what it produced.
Three scarves
Two pairs of fingerless mittens
One baby hat
And one bit of yarn left over for playing cat's cradle!
Not a bad return for less than ten pounds and it has kept my fingers busy while the keyboard has been useless.


  1. They all look lovely :0)
    That was quite a skein!

  2. Great quality as well as great value, Val. It was lovely to knit without having to make any joins in yarn.

  3. They're all adorable, but that baby hat is outstanding. It would sell out instantly at a upscale ski resort.

  4. Hi Mo, Good to see you back in your blog even though it may be a fleeting visit. This blog has definitely needed some yarn (not necessarily related to knitting) of late, as I said on the phone.
    Yesterday there were many geese flying over my home in their great flying formation, going to feed in the salt marshes at Marten Mere. For me this is the only skein I enjoy watching.
    Let us revitalise your blog from the pleasant and beauiful products of your home, to the discussive elements you used to enjoy.
    Word association and derivations are my interest, so:
    saboteur (historical derivation)
    chicanery (derivation)
    Just to start you off. Are you up for the challenge?
    Come on sis!

  5. erp
    It is a cute little hat, isn't it? It will be going to my neice's baby in Edinburgh where they have much colder weather than we get here.

  6. anon John

    I'm always up for a challenge but I might have difficulty getting the brain into gear again. I look back on some of my early posts and wonder who wrote them! I suppose the brain is like the rest of me since I retired - in need of more exercise. I'll see what I can do.


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