Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mother's Pride

This isn't actually another post about bread - I'll save that for tomorrow. It's a bit of the real stuff. I know that boasting is not a pretty trait but what mother would not want to crow, just a teeny bit, when her son's profile is featured on the prestigious normblog?

The son is mine,  the rest is all his own. Congratulations, Brit!


  1. Very nice profile.

    You should be proud of your son.

    False modesty is the sin IMO, not honest pride.

  2. I quite agree, e. I am very proud of both of my children as I am sure you are of yours.

  3. I think 'Mothers' Pride' is most appropriate!!!!
    That is a great interview (really excellent actually) He sounds a really lovely Chap, I think a display of pride is quite suitable :0)

  4. Val, he really is as lovely as he sounds and he'll kill me if he ever reads this!

  5. No ..I'm sure he wouldn't ..let's face it he's joined the parent club and the rules demand professional quality embarrassment of off's there in black and white :0)


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