Friday, March 04, 2011

Women's World Day of Prayer

Today, the first Friday in March, all over the world women will gather to share prayer, information and action. Each year, women from one country prepare the service to be used and this year it is the turn of the women of Chile, who have chosen  bread as their focus in How many loaves have you?

Women from all of our local churches will be joining together this afternoon and I have been busy baking the bread that will be shared. Although it is the Women's World Day of Prayer, the congregation will, we hope, be mixed.

It is really good to think that this world consciousness of the people of Chile began this morning at dawn in Tonga and will go on through 170 countries until it ends 35 hours later in Western Samoa. The idea of the women of the world uniting in this way is really thrilling. I hope you can join us.


  1. This is thrilling. I'm with you, Maureen. And would you keep NZ in your prayers? My daughter doesn't live in Christchurch, but Wellington, where she is now, has had some minor rumbles, which is giving her mom some less-than-minor rumbles.

  2. Jodi
    It was a really good event here in our village and the knowledge that thousands of other women around the world will be doing the same thing is really exciting. The singing was wonderful.

    I have been reading your daughter's blog and I do keep them all in my prayers.


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