Saturday, August 08, 2009

Little Miss Brit

Charlotte Emily was born late last night. It has been a long wait but all is well.

I ordered this basket of flowers for our lovely daughter-in-law via Interflora
. However, I had a very kind and courteous call from them this morning to say that the hospital does not accept flowers. I could turn that into another Meldrew Moment but that would spoil the day, so I've asked them to deliver the flowers when Mummy and Baby are home. We will be spending next week in Bristol, being Very Proud Grandparents. Back soon.

Daddy has posted a picture here.


  1. The world has gone mad, but still baby girls are born and make the world a wonderful place again.

    When you meet her, you'll no doubt find Miss Brit even more beautiful than the roses.

    How I envy you holding in your arms that little bundle of smiles and bubbles.

  2. Fantastic news, and some relief, no doubt.
    Have a lovely week, look forward to your pictures. The flowers will be a perfect welcome home for the family.

  3. Congratulations to all and welcome to the world, Charlotte Emily!

  4. A big hello to Charlotte Emily and congratulations to you all. Much love. DXXX

  5. Congratulations to all and welcome to Ms Charlotte Emily. What a joy!

  6. Apparently you were surprised by the flower ban. Is it general? Just one hospital?


    And for dad, who wondered about middle names, Emily is the middle name of my youngest.

  7. Harry
    Thank you. We are all thrilled.

    Yes, I was surprised by the flower ban. A lot has obviously changed since I spent time in hospital. I had many flowers and they brightened the long and tedious days.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your greetings. I will pass them on to the Brits.

  9. Wonderful news. Many congratulations to all the family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Thanks all! I expect Grandma will be putting some more pics up soon...:)

  11. I am so very happy for everyone! And I love her name.
    I've never heard of this no-flower thing.


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