Thursday, July 23, 2009

Works in progress

It has really been indoor weather for several weeks. The garden is looking overgrown and straggly after all the wind and rain so I will have to get out there soon to tidy up before the visitors start to arrive. One visitor who won't notice the weeds is Millie, who is arriving tomorrow for a long weekend. We are hoping that her cousin (Baby Brit) will be born before she goes back to London, then we can all drive up to Bristol to meet him/her together.

Like London buses, these cousins arrive in threes! A few weeks ago, Millie's uncle and aunt on her daddy's side of the family produced twins, a girl and boy. I have made a nappy stacker and some drawstring bags for Millie to take to them. I imagine anything to help save space will be appreciated with two lots of everything to store.

Teddy bears and butterflies
I bottled my lavender champagne and some lavender cordial and even made some lavender biscuits, so I suppose I should be a little grateful that the rain has kept me indoors.

As requested, here is the link for the recipes for lavender biscuits and champagne.


  1. A new grandchild and an old one plus a couple of in-law twins all at the same time. That's what's called grandma heaven.


  2. I'm very impressed with the lavender products. Indoor weather here as well, and our garden is full of lusty weeds.
    Still, the grandchildren are more fun for you than gardening.
    I have 19 cousins- family gatherings were always a bit hectic, but fun.

  3. I have lavender in my garden and have never cooked with it. Will you share your lavender biscuits recipe with us, or a suggestion of how to bake with lavender?
    Susan Wittig Albert, the mystery author, has a fun enewsletter with herbal tips.
    I live in California and am a bit envious of your rain, since it is so dry here, but I very much love our temperate climate.

  4. Terra, I have added a link to the recipes. My biscuits are typically crisp English ones. I do have a recipe for American style cookies, the difference being the addition of an egg. The secret is to use very little lavender, about one tablespoon of finely chopped flower heads. Too much and it tastes like soap!

  5. Rattling On,
    I had a lot of cousins (even more than you!) and we had amazing picnics and parties, except for the "dares" that the boys made us do when we girls lost at games; they always involved approaching fierce-looking animals, climbing trees or wading through nettles.


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