Thursday, July 23, 2009

War on the Margins goes on sale

It has been fascinating to watch the progress of this book, from the first email in September 2008 offering a proof copy for review, through receiving a proof copy of the final version from Duckworth until today, the day the book goes on sale.

You can read my initial response to Libby Cone's self-published edition here; news of Duckworth Publishers taking up the book here and you can buy your own copy here. I recommend that you do.


  1. 2, one for wife, one for mother. Thanks for the lead.

  2. I do hope they get as much from it as I did, Harry.

  3. Sounds v. interesting - especailly keen to see the self-published version. Thanks for flagging up. AliB

  4. Ali, I was sure this would be of interest and encouragement to you. I'll pass on contact details if you like.


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