Friday, July 24, 2009

A fishy quilt

Baby Brit will have to put in an appearance before midnight in order to give credence to the new exact science of calculating "due date". Maternity specialists haven't yet realised that babies can't read the manuals and have a tendency to choose their own moment to arrive. We are all on tenterhooks, jumping every time the phone rings but I dare say Mr and Mrs Brit are taking it all in their stride.
When my son sent me photos of the nursery he has prepared with its underwater theme, I remembered that I had some bits of Debbie Mumm "Beneath the Sea" fabric so I have spent the last 48 hours working on this little quilt. I have never worked so quickly on anything! Ready to greet you now, Baby, so don't keep us waiting too long.


  1. Quick work, Maureen- it's lovely. I can feel your excitement, even from that little piece of blogging...

  2. Do Brit and Mrs. Brit fully appreciate that news is eagerly awaited in three countries? Knowing Brit, it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to impose a news blackout on you, Monix, and forbid any blogging. I trust we can count on you to invoke your grandmother's perogative and tell him to go and play in the traffic?

  3. Peter, I'm sure there will be an embargo on photos but I'll be posting the arrival! No news yet.

  4. Rattling On,
    You know how you felt while waiting for your new puppy, just imagine how nail-biting it is to wait for a grandbaby!

  5. That is a very pretty quilt, with a yellow and blue sea theme.
    Your ocean theme is a departure from more common baby quilt motifs.
    How exciting to be waiting and I look forward to hearing more.

  6. How exciting and a lovely Quilt too!


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