Friday, March 20, 2009

This morning's walk

Today, according to the BBC, is the first day of spring. It has certainly been another very fine day, perfect for an early morning walk while the mist was lingering on the hilltops.
Just a few moments later, the mist has cleared and the ruined Chapel of St Michael is clearly visible on the hill to the north east of the village. The chapel was built in the 15th century as a place for prayers to be offered for the local sailors and fishermen.Local legend has it that sailors' wives took turns to keep a lookout from the chapel when the fishing boats were due home. They would raise the alarm so that all the wives could race to the quay at Velator to get money from their menfolk before they squandered it all at the nearby Mariners Arms. (Perhaps the prayers were offered for the succesful outcome of the race.)
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Ten minutes more brings me to the drive leading down to our little church of St Brannoc.

Visitors wonder if they have made a mistake as the path continues through the trees, a lovely sight at this time of the year with primroses and daffodils and occasional glimpses of the village below.
And then, there it is, beautiful in its simplicity. Although built on the site of the ancient chapel which fell into disrepair about 300 years ago, this is a modern reconstruction, built in 1957.
Next to the church is St Brannoc's Well, reputedly a sacred spring. It is certainly a very tranquil place. In a few weeks time the banks will be full of arum lilies.


  1. My wife always wanted to live at the end of a lane like that.

  2. It is certainly lovely, Harry. I think you have better beaches, better surf and better weather than we have, though.

  3. Thank you Margaretha and Carolyn. The fine weather has ended, sadly, so we will have to wait for the real spring to start.


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