Friday, March 20, 2009

Book draw winners

What do you do with a damaged treasure? I was given this lovely bowl in 1971, by a friend whose mother lived in Forres in the north of Scotland. It must be one of the earliest pieces from the Findhorn pottery which opened that year.

A careless visitor dropped something onto the bowl, leaving an unsightly chip in the glaze but I can't bear to throw it out. If anyone knows if it could be repaired I would love to know, in the meantime I will use it for today's book draw.
And here are the winners: First out for the Morgan's Passing draw was actually the first in! Well done Ali.

Next out was Breussel, so Saint Maybe will be on its way to you. And Susie V, if you would like the copy of Earthly Possessions, it can be the bonus book. I'm sorry, Guru, but I don't have a copy of Back when we were grownups. Thanks to everyone for entering.

So, if Ali, Susie and Breussel would email me with their postal details, I will be delighted to send off the books.


  1. Oh, how nice! Especially after a rejection elsewhere this morning. The Findhorn bowl bowl brought me luck! Will be in touch.

  2. Doh - can't type (or can't read). My dearest wish is that blogger would allow editing of comments.
    (great word verification - bashalib!)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with your wish that we could edit comments, Ali. Many a typo has slipped through my fingers.

    I love the word verification - you could adopt it as a motto, perhaps.

  4. Thanks ever so much, what a nice surprise - e-mail on the way.


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