Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joy of gifts

There is something really special about an unexpected or undeserved gift; I mean one that isn't for a birthday or anniversary and this week I had two surprises. Actually the first was a double surprise because it arrived by Royal Mail on Sunday and we haven't had mail deliveries on Sunday for many years. Having recovered from that shock, I opened the box to find a stunning collection of goodies from Madrekarin whose blog features many of the lovely things that she makes.
Karin made this fabulous quilt for me! It looks really good on my pine table and even better on the dark oak chest in the hall but I couldn't get good enough lighting to take a photo of it there.Thank you Karin. I am going to practise making those flying geese.

My second surprise gift came from my husband. He had never shown any interest in my quilting until he saw the many hours I put in to making this Christmas present for Tanith and Peter.
He was so impressed that he found this book for me:
I haven't had time to do more than dip into it yet but I can see that he has understood the meditative nature of quilting as explained in the introduction to the book:

Making a quilt comes down to the here and now, the moment-to-moment handling of the cloth, the threading of the needle, and the rocking of it back and forth in and out of the cloth. This is at once an activity both absorbing and mind-freeing. This is what meditation is, essentially: quiet surroundings, sitting still, repetitive mental patterns.

My next project is a baby quilt for Grandchild#2 due in July. I've selected the fabrics, cut out many, many squares for pinwheels and now I'm ready to start sewing.


  1. I wish I could pop over to learn how to quilt!
    Wv = angels! a quilt with angels - is that what I'm supposed to start with?

  2. Oh, Margaretha, I think those angels are a sign that you must begin!

  3. What wonderful gifts, M. I can quite understand your delight.

    Strangely enough (but not really given the rapidly growing number of coincidences in our lives), I am half way through Happenstance by Carol Shields. It's a dual novel about a quilter and her historian husband (one half the wife's story; the other half the husband's) . . . and it will be coming your way when I've finished it!

  4. It looks lovely at your house, Maureen! Once you start making the flying geese, you won't stop. They are positively addictive. Your quilt is beautiful and how sweet of your hubs to give you that book!
    Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  5. Thank you, Karin. And thank you again for the beautiful quilt and the other goodies. I'' going to make something special with the yarn - I'll post a photo when it is done.

  6. Love the quilt and the book. Robert Pirsig certainly started something with "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".

    I think that trance-like state comes over any of us when we apply complete focus on something, in our case mosaics for the garden, but I think it applies equally to cleaning the loo.....mindfulness.


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