Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little February cheer

February has proved to be a cheerless month this year. There have been several sad events, some awful weather, major adjustments to life now that 92 year old mother-in-law has come to live with us and, just to help matters, I have been suffering from a debilitating virus.

Then, a stroll around the garden showed some glimmers of hope that Spring will come soon. The thermometer was reading 10 degrees, tiny leaf shoots are sprouting on the wisteria
the hellebores have survived the snow and severe frosts ....

and the camellias have dozens of beautiful buds.
I have booked my train ticket to go to London for Millie's first birthday party and when I took a jacket into the dry cleaners this afternoon, I was given a £1 discount for being over 60. Life is looking better by the minute!


  1. Oh, wisteria - can you grow wisteria? That's something I have to travel quite a distance to see...
    who is up to her knees in snow.

  2. A-a-ah, Lent Roses! How lovely - and bang on time.

  3. Margaretha, yes we can grow wisteria but not as profusely as in warmer climates. It is pretty, though.

    Sorry about your snow. I think you have to wait longer for spring than we do.

  4. Yes, Crinny, I think I prefer to call them Lent Roses than Christmas Roses, although ours are usually blooming at Christmas as well.

    Thank you for the beautiful book which arrived today.

  5. Signs of Spring and a Birthday party to look forward too ...How lovely


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