Saturday, February 21, 2009

G is for everything Good

No-one ever had to tell me to eat up my greens, I loved green vegetables from the day I was weaned. My idea of heaven is an endless row of smiling school cooks serving mounds of green cabbage. Yes, I do mean 'school cabbage.' I may well be the only person who actually enjoyed it.

So G could easily be for Green in my vegetable alphabet but that would be yet another cheat, so I will select Globe artichoke. This is a vegetable that takes a lot of time to prepare and leaves the cook with more matter for the compost heap than for the cooking pot. However, they are delicious and a wonderful excuse for indulging in Hollandaise sauce.

The first time that I prepared globe artichokes, I followed instructions from a cookery book and it took a very long time. I am feeling kind, so I will show the demonstration video produced by Riverford's resident cook, Jane Baxter.

If you think it seems too much trouble, don't be tempted to substitute canned artichokes, the flavour and texture are totally different and quite unpleasant, in my opinion. Just wait until they are in season and have them as a special treat in the best restaurant you can afford.

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  1. I loved school cabbage too - especially on the days they did it with liver!


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