Monday, September 22, 2008

Random delights

I have developed a new passion for glass gems and art glass. I particularly like the work of Michele Bailey, who is based in the nearby village of Rackenford. I have had my eye on this glass candle holder made from 'random pieces of art glass' ever since seeing it on Michele's website.It seemed destined to be mine.
Photo courtesy of Michele Bailey

I went over to the Rackenford Revels on Saturday, where Michele was displaying some of her work. I came away with this and a few more items that I can't mention here with birthdays approaching.
I think it will be a stunning centrepiece for my dinner table. Each person will see a completely
different effect.

Thank you, Michele. It is even lovelier than I anticipated.


  1. that is super pretty!! a whimsical yet up-to-date feel. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Indeed it is, Bethany. I wish my photos were better.

  3. What a great conversation starter at a dinner party! Fantastic.

  4. Envy! It's lovely - I admired it when Michele showed it on her blog, too. I'm so pleased it's ended up in RD Towers, where it will indeed be beautifully and randomly distracting whenever it is displayed.

  5. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting. I've just had a quick peek at your blog and see that you are as distractable as I am.

    J, you'll just have to make that trip to North Devon to see the art glass for yourself.

  6. Michele is so talented.

    Am looking forward to seeing that candle holder in all its glory, M.


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