Friday, May 23, 2008

Back soon

I'm off to Dartmoor for a couple of days; to Buckfast Abbey to be precise. Not for a retreat this time; unfortunately, I haven't been able to fit one in yet this year. I am going to spend time with the team of volunteers who will be working on this year's summer camp. It is always inspiring to spend time with such generous and creative people and what a wonderful setting for our planning weekend.

Planning and organising have always been my strong points but I have to question my abilities on this occasion. I didn't realise this would be the Bank Holiday weekend and we'll be driving to Dartmoor along with all the visitors!

I'll be too busy to worry about the weather, which is wet and miserable here at present, but I hope it will be warm and sunny for the rest of you. Happy holiday. Back on Sunday.


  1. What a gorgeous setting for anything.

    There's a joke around here in Florida, that Disney World is what God would have done if he had money, but the perfection of the English countryside is what he has done to show us true beauty.

    It looks wonderful even under gloomy skies and the name, Dartmoor evokes images of Meryl Oberon and the young Olivier seen walking in the mist.

    No need to say, have a wonderful time. How could it be otherwise.

  2. E. you are right that the English countryside (at its best) is enough to make anyone feel spiritual. I have just returned, exhausted but well pleased with what we achieved. I'm really looking forward to August when I'll be back there with 52 children!

  3. Glad you got back safely. Looking forward to pictures.

  4. Sorry, e, but no pictures. I did take the camera but it stayed in my bag. I was working until 1.30 this morning and only got 4 hours sleep before I was up to do yet more paperwork, followed by a full day of planning meetings. Every single activity we plan has to have full risk assessment and health and safety issues addressed. If we weren't so determined, the paperwork would put us off completely.


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