Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glass gems and beads

I have made a number of virtual friends through blogging; several of them have become very important parts of my everyday life and one has become a real friend, the kind who shares visits and long conversations about everything and nothing. This morning she (Diane of 60goingon16) and I met up in the pretty mid-Devon village of Rackenford to turn a new on-line acquaintance into a real-life one.

We had arranged to meet at the village shop, a place of great interest. A few years ago the village was about to lose its only shop and post office, so the villagers decided to create their own community shop in the old school building. As life members, they are all involved in the running of the shop, serving tea and cakes and staging all kinds of interesting events. Click on the picture to read the plaque commemorating the opening of the shop in 2003.

Wednesday is Tea and Talk day, just the thing to attract D and me, especially when there is something very special happening: a demonstration by the HedgelandsGlassLass of her technique for making pretty charm loops.
Into the shop we went for introductions, mugs of tea and delicious home-made cake. Diane took the indoor pictures of Michele at work, so here's a link to her post.
It was really fascinating to see how Michele selected and assembled the beads and charms for her loops, bracelets and other items of jewellery. The pieces are even lovelier 'in the flesh' than in the photographs; if you want something unique for yourself, or as a gift, I recommend a visit to the her blog or website. You can also see some of her beautiful sea glass jewellery over on Musings from a Muddy Island.
D and I couldn't really be expected to go straight home after the demonstration with such a lovely country pub at the end of the lane, now could we?
As I said in an earlier post, it's all happening in Devon!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, M. Sorry I couldn't join you, I was at the drs. and then helping my daughter choose new glasses.(And also in Waterstones but we won't talk about that...) Another time maybe. I'm told that pub is quite good but haven't tried it yet.

  2. We were sorry you couldn't make it, Cath. We've got something else coming up so will email you when we have a date sorted. The pub grub was good - we were very restrained and had the leek & potato soup and some local cheeses, but the meals we could see around us all looked very good.

  3. Yes Cath, we hope you can make it next time -and then you can tell us about Waterstone's. These bloggers' days out are definitely a good thing.

  4. Hi - Essex Girl here - sorry to intrude upon the Devon blogging scene, innit, but just wanted to say that this all looks very lovely and a fun day out. Glad it all went well.

  5. You can be an honorary Devonian, J. After all D and I are both incomers. I don't know about Cath, she could be the genuine article and banish the lot of us! (My husband's maternal ancestors were all Devonians so perhaps i can claim asylum.)

  6. No, I'm not the genuine article either, M. I consider myself to be Cornish because that was where I was born and brought up, Dad's family Cornish etc. But my mother was a Londoner, with family in Essex, so I'm a bit of a mixed bag(gage) really. I'd probably pass for Devonian though, with my accent.

    D, my husband's thinking of asking the staff to ban me from Waterstones. And I'm a terrible influence on everyone, where buying books is concerned, so you probably don't want to come anywhere *near* me.

  7. Lovely images of the shop and the pub. Wonderful write up about the Shop and the Pub. I've sent them an email - they don't always get them though. I had a great time - thanks for being such wonderful kind and understanding participants.

  8. I hope you will make more personal appearances at the shop, Michele. Maybe Cath can join us next time.


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