Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exhausted of Devon

I have spent the last few weeks driving up and down the A361 and the M5 motorway. I even covered a significant stretch of the A38 yesterday. I have attended meetings and courses, given lectures and attended yet more meetings until I am so tired that I can't sleep. I have just returned from the course I am running, not the one I'm attending (that was on Saturday)and tomorrow I'm headed for yet another meeting. It is all getting to be such a blur that I have to carry the notes for all of the different concerns with me, just in case!

On Saturday I was in Exeter, yesterday I was at Buckfast, tonight I was in Ilfracombe and tomorrow I go to Plymouth. If this is retirement I think I'll look for a job!


  1. I hate the A38, M. Don't know why, just do. Please take care and don't run yourself ragged - because we have to find time for . . . another meeting!

  2. Running ragged just about sums it up at present, D. I had an early meeting in Plymouth this morning so I went yesterday and stayed in a hotel. I couldn't face the drive so took the trains - no direct line so 3 in all. The drive would have taken two hours, the trains took six but at least I could read.

    I have to go back to Plymouth for an overnight stay on Saturday 11th and then I hope my life will quieten down a little. I'd love to meet up again when I get my breath back!

  3. Thinking about you running around the county, an idea popped into my head. Now that you've refreshed and are up to speed on training teachers, why not write a handbook on the subject? You wouldn't have to leave home and you might have a best seller on your hands, especially if you never use the word, pedagogy, and take a couple of well placed swipes against feminazi's.

    Just a thought.

  4. That's an idea, e. I have published one guide on early language development. The proceeds from that go to the County because I was employed by them, even though I wrote it all in my own time. That put me off producing any more. I wonder if I have enough active brain cells left?

  5. Duck, I have retired from PAID work! That leaves me available (so everyone thinks) for favours and voluntary work! I've never been so busy and my car mileage is incredible. I'm looking forward to having the grandchild as an excuse for saying no to requests.


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