Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Tory policy Labour won't steal

I'm breaking my own "no politics" rule but only because I find this piece so amusing. Having had all their best policies hi-jacked by the Labour party in recent weeks, the Tories have come up with one that Gordon Brown couldn't possibly covet: taking away the right of Scottish MPs (including Mr Brown) to vote on issues relating to England.

The idea of keeping the Scots in check makes a popular headline, and it certainly made me smile, but I don't think anyone will take it seriously. There are 72 Scottish MPs in Westminster who would not look favourably on this suggestion and what about the many apparently English representatives with names like Cameron?

While the West Lothian Question is occupying our MPs and journalists, Alex Salmond gets the best line: “There are some people who say the English are not ready to govern themselves, but I think they are.”


  1. m. I think I'll invoke your rule of not commenting on US politics, especially since I can't make head or tail of the different parties in the UK, never mind the Scots question!

    May the best person win and in my opinion that person would be the one who steers away from the EU. Sorry, I don’t always follow my own rules.

  2. Don't worry, e, most of us can't tell the difference between the political parties any more!

    As for the EU position - we won't get a chance to express an opinion on that for two more years since Gordon Brown has decided to sit out this term of office and not call an election. The original referendum we had gave the government of the day the power to join what was then an economic union. The political union has developed by stealth. The nation will wake up to the position when it is way too late to change it.

  3. Have you noticed how Alex Salmond often gets the best lines? Canny folk, the Scots . . .

  4. The best lines and the best pickings,D?

  5. Those blasted Scots! Are they causing trouble again? Boy, they really burn me up!


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