Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween in Plymouth

I had to attend a meeting to decide the future of our summer camps this morning. I didn't fancy a pre-dawn drive down to Plymouth, so the treasurer (Monica) and I decided to meet up yesterday and have a night in the city as we are both country bumpkins these days.

We stayed in a guesthouse on Plymouth Hoe and, after hitting the shops, we were able to enjoy a very pleasant walk in the unseasonably warm sunshine.

In the evening we went in search of a restaurant and found ourselves in the midst of the university's Halloween frolics. There were hundreds of students in fancy dress, heading for a party in the Varsity pub . We managed to get a window seat in the Italian restaurant next door so that we could watch the fun. The Bella Italia restaurant was decorated in ghostly fashion and all the staff were black cats, witches or ghouls. The food was excellent (zuppa followed by risotto giardiniera) and as we drank our wine we felt we were in a sort of reversed role as 'oldies' being allowed into the youngsters' party! After a couple of glasses of red, I started to wonder when and how we shift from being the party to enjoying watching the fun. At that point, Monica decided she should guide me back up the hill to the hotel.

This morning I donned my best adult persona for my meeting with the bishop and behaved like the responsible chairman(woman/person) he believes me to be.


  1. Here's my take on when one goes from a party goer and giver to a party avoider. It happens slowly so that one day you realize that you don't have much social life and that it's perfectly okay with you. Fulfilling social obligations becomes a chore and the thought of putting on grown up clothes and real shoes is as daunting as climbing a mountain.

    That's where we are now and we both love it.

  2. I think you you have it summed up perfectly there, e. It happens without you noticing. We've just had an invitation to a function at the Guildhall in London at the end of the month and realise we have 'nothing to wear'!

  3. In ten years, you'll have forgotten where Guildhall is and why anyone would want to go there. Very liberating.


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