Sunday, August 12, 2007

From this morning's radio

We have an influx of summer visitors at present (note that family members are regarded as visitors and not as grockles), so my Sunday morning routine was changed and I missed my weekly date with Clive James on Radio 4. However, thanks to the BBC's online service, I was able to find a transcript of this morning's Point of View.

It would appear that Clive was in a particularly grumpy mood this morning, devising technological solutions/controls/punishments for annoying sections of society. Inspired by devices on supermarket trolleys to defy those who would take them off the premises to litter the countryside, he imagined different ways of dealing with plastic bags, noisy people, mobile phone users and boom-box car owners. Clive James is the best raconteur there is, in my view, and one really needs to hear him to fully appreciate the humour of his pieces but reading the transcript is better than missing my weekly fix altogether.

I did manage to hear the last few minutes of Desert Island Discs with records seven and eight and the celebrity's book choice.I didn't know who the castaway was until the end of the programme but I could tell he wasn't a very interesting person because they played the whole of his records, usually they only play a few bars of each piece so that Kirsty Young has more time to interview the castaway. (The boring guest was Felix Dennis)

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