Friday, August 05, 2011

Back online

We have had no internet access for a week. We have just been reconnected with the world but I am about to head off for another family visit, so no time to catch up with either writing or reading blogs. I have done a lot of reading of books, a lot of sewing and baking and spending time with friends. Perhaps an internet-free week has been a Good Thing.

While I am away I will consider the thought that has been occupying me a good deal lately - is it time to close Random Distractions? When I started in February 2006, I spent many hours writing about all manner of things but nowadays I find that I am repeating things I've said before or not thinking of much to say at all. Perhaps 5 years is enough. I'll make a decision over the weekend.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from our recent visit to Oxfordshire:
Everyone follows Grumpy into the woods

Millie, Ben and Grumpy decide to explore 

Grumpy explains how to tell the age of a tree
Millie shows Grumpy how to cross safely
Millie thinks Grumpy needs a walking stick!


  1. Dear RD, Monix, Mo,
    Nice photos but a disturbing thought that I will not be able to see/read what the family are doing if RD is wound up. How can I take an interest in logging on-line when the delight of viewing your "Random" thoughts and "Distractions" are no longer available. I have had pleasurable moments here when you have made a posting on your blog even when, as you say, they are less frequent than before.
    I look forward to TofE, The Dabbler and RD having new posts.
    Maybe you need to get away from the cooking, knitting, gardening articles and find a new outlet you have not explored before. What, I don't know!
    Looking forward with trepidation to your
    decision. Love from my favourite island. J

  2. J

    What nice things you say! If you look back to the earlier years of RD, you will find far more interesting and topical post than recipes and knitting. Unfortunately I seem to have lost inspiration, possibly because of the family circumstances of the last couple of years. Maybe now that life is getting back to normal I will come up with a new angle. All suggestions gratefully received.
    M x

  3. I hope you don't close down. It's a breath of fresh air over here.

  4. Dearest M: reflection is always a good thing - it's what stops us from going stale and ending up past our sell-by date! As you know, I'm going through much the same thing at the moment. . . .

    But, whatever you decide, I'm sure that the cherished friendships you have made, actual and virtual, will continue.

  5. I find your gentle, thoughtful posts enjoyable to read and will miss them. I have also enjoyed tried and trusted recipes from you. However if it is time to stop then I wish you well.

  6. I do hope you will continue to blog - but I'm having the same kind of thoughts regarding my English blog, so I know how you feel about it. I'm still waiting for my life and thoughts to settle, which means that I'm not the right person to nudge you to to keep blogging.

  7. “Oh please, oh please, oh please don’t go - we’ll eat you up we love you so!” from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

    Dear Maureen, you were the first person not related to me to read my blog. And I love reading yours.

  8. Thank you for encouraging and kind comments. I have been concerned for quite a long time that I have not had anything witty, wise or even very interesting to say. However, I realise that friendships don't depend on such things and that keeping in touch is all that matters.

    I'll keep going and perhaps a rare inspirational idea might occur to me between the recipes and other trivia!

  9. Maureen - I think everyone goes through a patch like this and, you are right, it is hard not to repeat yourself. We are after all at the stage in life when we have well established preferences. But there is also something very comforting in gentle repetition and small pleasures. And I think one is inclined to reinforce good memories by recording them. Some food for thought.

  10. Colleen, thank you. I think I started off with certain ideas and issues to write about but over the years have settled into a domestic zone. I suppose retirement and becoming a grandma have changed my life and interests more than I realised. And repeating oneself is what grandmas do!

  11. Luckily a lot of your readers are forgetful too, so we can be continually re-delighted by recycled material. :-}

    It's distinct advantage that one can re-read all the old classics as if for the first time. ;-)


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