Thursday, July 21, 2011

Handkersniffs and Lapskins

Close scrutiny of the newspapers last week found two tiny articles that were not related to either the phone hacking scandal or the Murdoch Empire. The first stated quite boldly, backed by evidence from some doubtless extensive research study, that no one uses table napkins any more. Apparently everyone uses kitchen towel. Not so! I always use cotton or linen napkins, or lapskins as my little son named them long ago. Here are some of my everyday ones but I have a good selection of finer ones for special occasions:

I'm sure I can't be the only person left in England who likes to set the table properly after taking the trouble to cook a meal? And guess what? I still use napkin rings so that everyone can recognise their own napkin!

The second article related to research done into the use of handkerchiefs. Again, the researchers found that no-one uses them any more; everyone now uses paper tissues. I can't agree. I only use tissues when I have a head  cold. I like nothing better than a crisp cotton handkersniff, as Beatrix Potter might say.
I'm not sure what this research tells us. That it was limited in its scope? That those of us who still use table napkins and handkerchiefs are anachronisms? Or, maybe, there is an awful lot of time and money being wasted on research to provide third rate students with codswallop doctorates to accompany their Mickey Mouse degrees?  I suppose it is better than phone hacking.


  1. How many more ways are you going to make us feel diminished and guilty. It's bad enough that you cook and use table linens, but you IRON handkerchiefs (or is it hankerchieves?) as well.

    Have you no shame madam?

  2. Of course we use napkins (handwoven) - and napkin rings!
    As for handkerchiefs, I use both cotton ones and paper tissues.

  3. Yes yes! We use cloth napkins, but tissues instead of handkerchiefs. Hangs head in shame.

  4. I'm glad that I am not the only person left using napkins. Now that I don't have a weekly pile of shirts to iron, I quite enjoy the task and handkerchiefs and napkins are easy to do, bringing instant self-satisfaction!

  5. m. say it ain't so. Your husband isn't wearing wrinkled shirts, is he?


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