Monday, November 01, 2010


My trip to Bristol to visit my lovely granddaughter, Charlotte, unexpectedly extended into a visit to Oxfordshire to babysit Millie and Benjamin. Having three grandchildren under the age of three keeps me busy in the nicest ways: I get to visit the zoo and parks and farms; read wonderful children's books, old favourites and some excellent new ones; find endless inspiration for knitting and sewing projects and get lots of cuddles.

The only downside to being a grandma is  exposure to the incredibly virulent colds that toddlers get when they are cutting teeth and both Charlotte and Benjamin shared their germs with me in a most generous fashion. By the time I drove home on Friday I had lost my voice completely and it still hasn't returned. The funny thing is that until I start to speak I don't know that I'm speechless! My voice ranges from strangled squeaks and whistles to the lowest register of Fenella Fielding's but in no predictable sequence! I can now empathise with teenage boys.

 There are some benefits though, as I sit on the sofa sipping my hot lemon and honey I am catching up on a lot of reading and I'm hoping to get back into a regular blogposting routine. Watch this space!


  1. Sounds like a bearable cold!
    Enjoy youe hot drinks and good books - while waiting for a fast recovery!

  2. Thank you, Margaretha. It is a very bearable indisposition!

  3. Yes, children are terribly germy! But - unlike most adults - often manage to stay cheerful despite being laden with cold.

  4. What a wonderful gramma you are! That drink looks good and I hope you feel better soon. I answered your question over at my place if you're interested. :) xo

  5. Rachel
    Yes indeed, the children go quite cheerfully through colds and other minor ailments while we adults take to the sofa!

  6. Jodi
    I've just been over to look at your reply. I am so glad that you use modern soap and machine to wash your costume. I remember my grandfather telling stories of using lye soap in the trenches in WW1 - I think it took away the skin as well as the mud; I hate to think of your demonstration without rubber gloves!


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