Monday, October 18, 2010

Prize draw for Real Readers

There are four special days in the year which feel like extra birthdays for me. The mail arrives containing a fat package bearing the image of a rather knowing fox
and I am assured of weeks of pleasurable reading to come. The package contains my quarterly edition of Slightly Foxed.
Slightly Foxed is more than a review magazine, it is an entry into the magical world of libraries that I discovered as a child. I find forgotten treasures, new delights and fascinating insights into much loved works of fact and fiction. Of one thing I can be certain, each book reviewed will have true literary merit and even though I know I will never get to read all of the books, the reviews themselves increase my knowledge and understanding of our literary heritage.

If you would like the chance to win a subscription to Slightly Foxed for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for someone else if you already subscribe, then go to The Dabbler  now and enter the competition.

Good luck!


  1. Oh, cool! Thanks for the heads up, Maureen! I've been catching up on what's been happening in your little part of the world. Loved the Joan Sutherland youtube. :)
    Hope you are well! I am quite enjoying being a grandmother but I do not get to see Miss Emma near enough for my liking- and she only lives 10 minutes away! I'm trying not to be overbearing. lol

  2. This title reminds me of a cartoon I saw once: A middle-aged woman was staring at herself in the mirror and the caption said: "*Sigh* Slightly foxed but still in good condition." :)

  3. Karin, I hope you entered the draw. Good luck.

    I would love to live only 10 minutes away from my grandchildren. I'm sure your daughter loves to have you around, especially if she gets time for a nap or a peaceful bath. I'm off to visit my son at the weekend, so I'll be enjoying time with one year old Charlotte. Being a grandma is great!

  4. Jodi
    I like the cartoon. I'm going to try out the caption in front of the bathroom mirror tonight!

  5. Sounds great! But feeling quite inadequate at not having heard of SF. Off to take a look.

  6. Ali, it's a great read. I think you'll like The Dabbler, too, lots of interesting writers contribute and perhaps you might like to submit something?

  7. I subscribed to this wonderful publication for a year after reading about it on Cornflower's blog. It is lovely but just too expensive for someone living in the US. I had never heard of the term before this. In addition to the animal, the word, 'fox' means something different over here.:<)

  8. Nan, I do hope you have entered the draw so that you have the chance of another year of reading the magazine. I'm intrigued by the alternative meaning of 'fox' but as you haven't explained it I'm guessing it isn't polite!


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