Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh my hat!

I have just returned after a week of fun with the grandchildren. First off we had Charlotte's first birthday celebrations. Here she is showing cousin Millie how to play the piano, one of her birthday gifts.
 (There are lots of pictures of the birthday party on Charlotte's own blog. If you would like to see them please send me an email and I will get my son to give you access.)

I spent the last few days in Oxfordshire with Millie and Benjamin. We had a lovely time but there was very little sunshine. Just as well really as someone appropriated my hat!
It looks better on me, Grandma.


  1. Oh my gosh, she cracks me up! Welcome back, Maureen.

  2. She is quite a character, Jodi.

  3. I love toy pianos. My girls had one and I had a blue wooden one, like a proper grand piano. I loved it!

  4. Yes, RO, I've always loved them too. This one came with a music book so I'm expecting Charlotte to perform a full concert for us on our next visit.

  5. I love the first's excellent

    and I rather agree with the fashion sense displayed in the second...:0)


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