Friday, August 06, 2010

Dropping by

I'm back on-line thanks to the newest acquisition, a laptop to replace my dearly departed PC. Now I need a crash course in Windows 7 and I'll be off. Unfortunately this is a short visit as I'll be heading off again tomorrow for granddaughter Charlotte's first birthday celebrations and then to Oxfordshire for a few days with Millie and co.

Those of you who read my son's blog will be familiar with his series on the Chief Trading Post in Bristol - a garden centre with a difference. Well, at long last I got to see it for myself last weekend when he took me there for lunch. Here are just a few of the things I might have bought to add interest to my garden. Fortunately I had travelled by train and couldn't carry anything extra!
a boat to go with the MM's anchor

a Spirit House for the quiet corner

a child-eating crab (we saw only the remains of the chair!)
a garden bench that might possibly squeeze you to death
an elephant to hide in the bushes
or perhaps a tiger?
We had lunch among some unusual characters:
Charlotte was not put off by the Blues Brother
each dining area had its own interest
inside and out!
They do sell a wide range of plants as well. I particularly liked this section
with its appropriate statuary
It is the most interesting garden centre I have ever visited and just in case you are wondering if these items really are for sale, here are someof their price tags;
£704.17 for a giant crab (minus child and chair)
And who wouldn't want this handsome fellow
for a mere
All of the price tags are as quirky as the goods. It is a great place to go for lunch with a difference.


  1. Al, some of the prices were much higher but there was no evidence that anything is ever sold!

  2. Glad to see that eccentricity isn't dead in Merry Olde England. What a fun place to have lunch and with another gorgeous granddaughter!

    BTW - the French Connections arrived a couple of days ago and we are so busy catching up, I totally forgot to take pictures. I left the camera out on the kitchen counter, so I'll be reminded to take some today.

  3. e, it is certainly the most eccentric place I have ever visited!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your French Connections and trust I'll get to hear about it later.

  4. That garden centre is new to me, and what a fun place to visit. Too bad you came on the train or you could have bought a gigantic sculpture :)

  5. Terra, it would have been too difficult to choose between a full size rhinoceros and an Indian princess!

  6. Great stuff, M! Enjoy the birthday celebrations and the family time - see you in South Molton on the 26th . . .

  7. After viewing Brits blog for the last number of months I got quite bored with reading about unaffordable garden tack. Now I am considerig writing my own blog with photographs of pebbles on a greek beach or even showing what our tourist shops can invent using shells. (Imagination runs riot in the shell sculpture, glue and paste industry!)
    Nice to see you back on line. Keep in touch. Windows 7 is as easy as the first automatic washing machine in Ghyll Gr.

  8. Hello Maureen
    I have passed this place so often but have never been brave enough to go in. Now I think I'll have to, if only to discover what they serve for lunch! AliB

  9. Hello Maureen
    I have passed this place so often but have never been brave enough to go in. Now I think I'll have to, if only to discover what they serve for lunch!


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