Sunday, July 11, 2010

Non-stop fun

The visit is over and Millie, Benjamin and their Mummy have gone home. Here are just a few of the things we packed into the week:
 1. Fun in the garden
When the animals have finished their tea party they obviously need to bathe

2. Fun at the fair

3. Fun at the park

4. Fun at the Big Sheep
bouncing with Mummy
down the slide with Grumpy

5. Fun at the beach
There is so much fun to be had when you are two years old.


  1. And when you're a grandmother!

  2. That is so true, Margaretha.
    I should find time to get to the post office with the package that has been ready to send to you for some time, now that the fun is over!

  3. What about being a grandfather doesn't that count? I can't wait to see my daughter and grandson in 7 days time in Kalymnos. Great fun will be had by all I hope. Of course the bank of grandad will take a bit of a blow but it's worth.

  4. How lovely you had such a sunny week. And how old is the baby now? Could do with dipping my own toes in some of that briny!

  5. Those days are full of fun. Enjoy. Millie is positively gorgeous and that isn't just a grandma talking.

  6. Anon - of course grandfathers count. Have a wonderful time with Theo then send me some photos.

  7. Ali
    Baby Benjamin was four months old while they were here last week. If you decide to come to our bit of coast for that dip in the briny do let me know. You have to pass my house to get to Saunton or Croyde and I could have the kettle on.

  8. erp
    Every day was packed with activity as Millie never sleeps in the daytime. We think she is gorgeous but we can be considered biased.

  9. Ooooh I'd be biased if I was you
    it looks like great fum was had by all
    (bet it was exhausting..worth it though..time for a nice cuppa!)

  10. What nonstop fun was had by all, I can tell. Time to rest today.

  11. Val and Terra

    Yes it was an exhausting but happy time and now I am catching up on those cups of tea and idle moments that I missed!

  12. The company of small children is the best company of all, I think, and as your pictures show, often so much fun for the grown ups too!

  13. Wonderful time had by all, obviously! Maureen, if you get a chance, the post below my latest one has photos of my daughter's wedding. Shameless, I know. ;)

  14. Oh dear, Jodi, as Millie would say, "Silly Grandma!" I haven't been spending much time catching up with blogs and must have missed a day. I'm coming right over.

  15. Hello Maureen
    At long last time to visit some blogs. Loved the family photos but that water at the beach looked rather cold.
    Thanks for dropping in recently and for your comments. Dh is off to the docs again on Monday, fingers crossed the results are better this time
    Take care

  16. Hi Cathy
    You surely know that the water around the British coast is always cold! We have to get the children toughened up early.

    I hope all goes well for your husband on Monday.


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