Thursday, July 01, 2010

Four and twenty blackbirds

Well, perhaps not quite four and twenty but our garage and garden residents are increasing rapidly. With the survivors of the first clutch (2 or 3, we can't be sure) now finding their own food, Mr B has taken on the task of feeding the newest nestlings and their mother:
The nest is in the rafters of the garage so the lighting is poor and we can't get close enough to take better pictures. My husband climbed up to look in the nest while both adults were out foraging and he saw 4 little ones but today we saw only the mother and 3 babies with open beaks waiting for those delicious meal worms.
 Mr Blackbird feeds his wife first and then the children.
I think they are wondering how much more these little ones can possibly eat.

Tomorrow I shall be seeing all three of my grandchildren. We are meeting in Bristol and then my daughter, Millie and Benjamin are coming home with me to spend a week in sunny Devon. That is the plan anyway but it has rained all day today so wet weather entertainments could be called for.


  1. Sounds like a fun time -- aren't you glad you don't have to go through all the trouble the blackbirds do to feed your brood.

  2. Lovely photos!
    it sounds like you are set for a very busy happy time..have fun :0)


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