Wednesday, June 02, 2010

In the garden

May is the best month in my garden and we had some lovely sunny weather to encourage outdoor living. It has been lovely to have all our meals outside; to watch the blackbirds busy foraging for their hungry babies; to sit and knit while the bees were busy among the flowers.

Already everything is beginning to look straggly. I spent this morning trimming back the honeysuckle, ivy and shrubs that threatened to block the paths. The bluebells look decidedly grey now and the white lilac blossom is turning brown. Fortunately I remembered to take my camera out with me on several occasions so here is a brief summary of the garden in May:
The first of the poppies to open
with lots more buds waiting.
First strawberries
Helping the blackbirds out with meal worms
Completed cardigan for granddaughter Charlotte
and one for Millie.
Columbine invading the herb garden - not an unwelcome intruder
weigela florida

And what could be better than afternoon tea in the garden with scones made from one of Nan's recipes?
It is a long time since I mentioned the books I have been reading. I'll save those for another day.


  1. What a delightful month May has been for you! Here's hoping the rest of your Summer follows suit!

  2. It's not been too bad here, either. Our garden is way behind yours, but looking good nonetheless. Love the knitting!

  3. Everything is beautiful. Looks like you've been a busy girl. We've had a great spring a well. Not too hot and enough rain to keep things from wilting. The bougainvillea was cut way down after the frost killed it off and is now about four feet high. No flowers yet, but I'm optimistic we'll have some soon.

  4. Jodi
    After a shaky start, it looks like being a warm and sunny June as well. We have a lot of holidaymakers around at present, while we hate the cars they bring, we are always glad when they get good weather for their holiday.

  5. Rattling On
    I'm sure your garden is worth the wait. You have such a lot of lovely plants and a pond. I would love a pond but will have to make do with the one in my daughter's new garden when we visit.

  6. e
    I must confess that I have help in the garden. I look after the patio pots and do a bit of weeding but the hard work is done by someone else. I just enjoy it!

    I'm glad your bougainvillea recovered. We can't grow them outdoors here, just in greenhouses. My little cottage garden is too small for that.

  7. m. My idea of gardening is taken from those romantic books and movies. You know where the lady of the manor, wearing a beautiful lawn dress and a big white hat who goes into a garden which stretches for at least a half mile, with a basket and cuts the perfect roses, goes back in, hands the basket to the maid who puts them into a fabulous vase and set it on the gorgeous beyond description table in front of the leaded glass window.

    Meanwhile the LotM sits down to a tea of freshly baked scones with freshly churned butter and jam.

    Later Heathcliff returns from the sea and ...

  8. I like your style, e. I could really enjoy that kind of life.

  9. Maureen, I sent the pasta recipe a few days ago. Were you able to receive it?

  10. Jodi
    I sent email by return - must still be in the ether. I'll try again now.

  11. Amazing how quickly everything moves on this time of year. Hard to keep up.


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