Friday, May 28, 2010


My daughter is moving into her new house today. It is a huge undertaking with an active toddler and a new baby, so I hope the day goes smoothly. The new house has a large garden with a pond, fruit trees, a vegetable plot and plenty of room for the children to play. The beehives will soon be on their way from London and I'm looking forward to comparing Oxfordshire honey with the London honey we've enjoyed for several years.

I'm sure the house will be a home very soon. This poem sums up what my home is to me (except for the reference to the cat) and I can't wish for anything better for my daughter and her family:
I've come to know a place I can call home:
It walls me gently round, it gives me space,
It offers me stillness, it contains my fears,
It roofs me safely under, gifts me grace,
It is both books and art, colour and light,
It shelves and stacks me, my life storage space;
It's work and love and dust and green growing things,
It's laughter, friends and food, it's cat's own place,
It is so full of me and all I am,
I've come to know a home, a sacred space.
Rosie Miles


  1. What a lovely poem.I hope your daughter settles in well.It sounds a wonderful place.

  2. There's no place like home. Best wishes to your daughter and family!

  3. Hope that T's new house will soon feel very much like home.

    And I am expecting a honey sampling, in due course, M.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I'll pass on your kind wishes to Millie's Mum. Actually, you might have noticed that she has changed her blog name to Adelephant since becoming Benjamin's mum. I don't think she'll be reading or writing for a little while.

    D, I'll beg some honey for us both.

  5. Many happy years in the new house. Is Oxfordshire near Oxford. We've seen Oxford featured in so many TV shows and movies, we've come to think we know it.

  6. e
    Oxford is a city in the county of Oxfordshire. My daughter's house is a few miles out of the city, close to the market town of Abingdon.

  7. How fun you will be trying honey from Oxfordshire bees, and the poem is pretty. Our home is ruled by our cat, whose nickname is Princess or La Principessa.

  8. Terra
    My daughter has such a severe allergic reaction to cats that we could never have one in the house. With Princess as a nickname, I can imagine who chooses the best seat in your house!

  9. m. I hope you'll post picture of the house and the countryside.

  10. e
    Current plans are for me to visit in July for Benjamin's baptism. I'll take lots of photos.

  11. Hope all went well with the move - keep us in the loop won't you.
    Wondering if you've recovered from the surfeit of chocolate yet Lol

  12. Cathy
    I think the move went quite smoothly and they are now surrounded by boxes! My usefulness at present lies in my access to the internet as it will take a week or more for them to get connected.

    That chocolate was just too much - I had to lie down!


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