Saturday, January 09, 2010

Winter woollies

The snow has provided the best excuse for sitting on the sofa and knitting. I am having a great time producing little knits for our two granddaughters.

For Millie, a sweater based on a Rowan pattern, teamed with a Sirdar retro bonnet:

and for Charlotte, a lacy lavender cardigan

and a ballet wrap in Sirdar Sublime.  I know 5 months is rather young for ballet but l couldn't resist it.


  1. No age is too young for the ballet when they can wear something as adorable as that pink sweater! They are all beautiful. Perhaps being stuck in isn't a bad thing after all.
    We're having the problem with hidden ice as well. Last night's news ended with a long video of cars sliding into one another at the bottom of a very icy hill, one that had spoken of on the news all day long! Somehow they all had the same surprised look on their faces. Probably wondering why there was still ice on a hill after a snowstorm and 20 degree temperatures. Common sense, people!
    Be safe. :)

  2. Very good use of down time m. It's so much fun making stuff for little ones.

    Weather update from sunny Florida. We had snow flurries this morning and temps remain below freezing.

  3. karin and erp
    I love making little garments but it is many, many years since I made anything bigger. When the babies get too big, I'll be buying their sweaters!

    I'm keeping an eye on weather reports for your areas, too. Stay indoors, is my advice. I'm working through the contents of my freezer and store cupboard and saving my housekeeping money for a big treat when the thaw sets in!

  4. Not to worry about us getting out. We only had enough of a flurry to tickle my nose when I went out to get the paper, but it is darn cold and clammy out there.

  5. Oh, how I miss making clothes for the girls. I used to love knitting when they were having an afternoon nap.
    These are really lovely, Maureen.

  6. What lucky grandchildren!Every piece so delicate and beautiful.

  7. Thank you, Jodie. Actually, I feel that I am the lucky one having two beautiful granddaughters to encourage me to get out the knitting needles again.

  8. Snow outside is turning to ice and as I have a bad back and will not be venturing very far, I think I will have a knitting day and finish off the little 'snuggly' blanket I am making for my first grandchild, due in March. We know it is going to be a little girl but as I have strict instructions from my daughter that she wants nothing in pink, I have had to sit firmly on my leaning in this direction and am currently kniting a creamy, fluffy wool.

    I have also started crocheting a little rug and good to find these long neglected skills slowly coming back.

  9. Cool - Charlotte seems keen on dancing so will definitely appreciate!

  10. Hi Elaine
    I have just worked out who left that comment! There is absolutely nothing to compare with being a grandma and it is worth the effort of re-learning those knitting and crochet skills. I was very rusty but am improving.

    Sorry to hear about the back - it certainly wouldn't do to slip on the ice, so stay warm and attack the book mountain. I have a feeling that you can probably read and knit at the same time, something I cannot do.


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