Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four and twenty blackbirds

Well, perhaps not quite so many but I certainly counted ten this morning, along with a pied wagtail, several chaffinches, a robin, a song thrush and even a tiny wren. Unfortunately, I never have the camera to hand when I need it.

This chap seems to be the playground bully, he perches on the wall and swoops down to chase off the competition.

Here he spots a few remaining berries

and polishes them off before

heading down for the choicest bits from my offerings


  1. They are all just going crackers at the moment, aren't they, M, especially as daylight fades? Have been topping up the usual winter seed feed, nigella seeds, fat balls and peanuts with currants and tiny bits of cheese etc. (Which last no time at all.) Given how much a bird needs to eat each day just to survive, I do wonder how many of them will make it through this very harsh weather.

    But we do what we can, don't we, because how could we not?

  2. I've not seen any blackbirds, which is strange. We've had robins, coal tits, blue tits, magpies and wood pigeons. But no blackbirds.

  3. D, you know I never have as many birds as you but the garden is full of visitors at present. perhaps I'm the only one putting out food. Thanks for the tip about cheese, I hadn't thought of that. I've been melting butter to mix with seeds and fruit as I've run out of fat balls but cheese would be easier!

  4. Sarah
    I forgot to mention the blue tits that came to polish off my leftover gingerbread men from the Christmas tree. I hung them on bushes all around the garden. We always have blackbirds but there are a great many more than usual right now.

  5. we keep a small tub in the kitchen and scrape all scraps, crumbs, cores, carrot tops, porridge, cheese grating crumbs, pasta, jacket spud skins etc,etc add a spoonful of oil if we have any.. a good stir and the birds scoff the lot! We ration it so they can have some each day and change their water every day ...The dog does not understand this and plots each day how to look after the tub for us... occasionally with great success

    I bet they really appreciate your help at the moment..poor things

  6. You're a good soul to care for the birds in the cold weather. I'm sure they are grateful. I have a hard time keeping my feeder filled this winter! I guess birds everywhere are in need of a little assistance. :)

  7. I have mixed feelings about blackbirds.
    I have fond memories of feeding them and watching them nest in my Grandma's hedge in the UK.
    But here they are a feral pest.

  8. Al
    I like blackbirds but not the jackdaws that we get in great numbers. I'm afraid we do consider them to be pests.

  9. Do you know, are black birds or jackdaws what we call crows?

  10. e, We have crows as well as jackdaws and blackbirds. You can find pictures of them here


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