Monday, November 16, 2009

Scorchio to drenchio

We left the blue skies and heat of Spain and two hours later we were in

wet and windy England.
Thank you for all the good wishes. We had a much-needed break in south-east Spain, where we found absolute peace and quiet with sunshine as a bonus. We stayed at a friend's holiday apartment which is in a complex of 2000 apartments in Murcia. I am sure it is very busy in the summertime but we only saw 10 other people during the whole of our visit.

Since getting home, the internet connection has been very erratic, probably something to do with the fierce storms. So I will just post a few photos of our holiday and catch up with your blogs when the wind drops and normal service is resumed.

We had the use of two apartments, owned by our friend. We lived in the one on the ground floor, with this on our doorstep:

and we used the roof garden of the other apartment to look out on the semi-desert area that is being developed as a golf course:

  Murcia is one of the least developed areas of Spain, almost unknown to tourists. It would be wrong of me to judge from a short  off-season visit, but this golf resort development appears to have been hit by the recession or to be too isolated to attract investment. Perhaps it will all come to life next summer and the bar, restaurant and shops will be full of holiday makers. The vast emptiness and tranquillity suited me very well:

the central market place with its magnificent central pool and empty shops

the bar/restaurant was open but we were not tempted to dine in splendid isolation among yet more empty buildings.
Fortunately,  the supermarket had a good supply of local vegetables and we lived, much as we do here in the summer, on salads and vegetable stews.

There are places of great historic interest in the region, in particular Cartagena, where we could have spent many days visiting the museums and archaeological sites but this was a few days for R&R, so we limited ourselves to the lovely harbour area:

where we saw a boat that definitely had our name on it!

We also spent a few hours in the city, which is also called Murcia. We visited the cathedral, which has a grand frontage but is very simple and prayerful inside, unlike the almost overpowering splendour of the cathedrals in other parts of Spain:

Not a touristy holiday, then but I managed to read 5 books and to complete 2 more scarves, so I feel rested and very pleased with my achievement - more of which anon.


  1. It looks lovely, perfect for being so quiet. Even we have flooding here in the hills, not seen decent weather for days so your photos are very welcome. Looking forward to more.

  2. Glad you're back safe and sound.

  3. Sun, books, and "splend isolation". Now
    that's what I call a vacation!

  4. Welcome back! You most definitely chose a lovely place for a little R&R. Too bad you had to come home to yucky weather.
    Let me know how you like the soup. It's pretty basic but very warming and filling. I have to say that leek and potato sounds divine. It's one of my favorites. :)

  5. How nice to have you back...hope you had a good recharge..[sorry to hear the weather wasn't great on your return...My sister's descriptions of the weather are not I take it it's pretty yuk!)you'll just have to cosy up to the fire with a good book!


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