Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The postman rang twice

Since arriving home, I have had two special mail deliveries. The first was a replacement for the faulty potato ricer that I grumbled about earlier. Thank you, Jacqueline of Oxo Good Grips, for your courteous handling of the problem. I look forward to trying out the new potato ricer later today.

The second delivery was a lovely box and how I love boxes!

Inside, some beautifully wrapped.....


These handsome Russian soldiers and charming little babushka dolls.

Thank you, Rattling On, they will grace my Christmas tree and I am sure a certain little granddaughter will be delighted.


  1. I love the way they make the boxes and cover them with wallpaper.

    Glad they sorted the ricer issue. Hope this one stands up to your enthusiastic washing up.

  2. If this ricer breaks, maybe they should consider changing the name and calling it Good Gripes!
    Your little Russian gents are wonderful and the pin with the matroyshkas is darling! What a sweet friend to send you such lovliness.

  3. Rattling On
    Enthusiasm is not a quality normally associated with my washing up! I'm just glad that I didn't put the ricer in the dishwasher or that loose bit might have messed it up.

    I love the soldiers and the little dolls. Thank you.

  4. Karin
    I love the Good Gripes! Fingers crossed that I won't need to use it.

    Yes, the dolls are gorgeous.

  5. The time it takes to wrap something beautifuly is a gift in itself. It's like getting two presents. Clever title by the way.

  6. I now have Kate Bush in my head singing, "Ah baboushka, baboushka, baboushka, yi! yi!" I've probably spelt that wrong.

    The dolls are lovely. My two have some matryoshka dolls, so pretty, they got them last Christmas.


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