Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Butterflies and flowers

I've made another little quilt for baby Charlotte Emily. The butterflies and flowers are made from bits from my scrap bag, a great way to use really nice pieces left over from larger projects.  I thought the garden, on this rare sunny morning, was the right setting for the photograph.
I recently discovered a quilting supply shop in a nearby town that stocks fabulous fabrics from Cranston Village, the backing for the quilt is a piece of their Beatrix Potter fabric.


  1. I agree!
    That is lovely and very cheerful you are clever!

  2. Thank you, erp and Val. I would never have attempted to sew if I hadn't become a grandma. I love playing around with colours.

  3. I've only ever made one very easy quilt. I was inordinately proud of it as I'm not a natural seamstress- requires more patience than I can usually muster.
    This one is great and I like the reverse side as well.

  4. When I was 12, I was advised to forget needlework and stick to physics! My work does not bear close inspection but I think I have a reasonably good eye for colour combinations and babies are not critical!

  5. Maureen- That is beautiful! I can see many afternoon slumbers being taken on that quilt by Charlotte Emily. What a lucky little girl to have such a talented Grammy.


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