Monday, July 13, 2009

The birds have flown

Do you remember Mr Blackbird collecting string to build a nest in the rafters of the garage? We have been watching and waiting for the four eggs to hatch. Mrs Blackbird ignored us completely as she sat on the nest.
It was difficult to get close enough to take photos but I think you can just make out the open beaks.
Yesterday we found the nest empty and four little fledglings trying their wings.
The parent birds are still busy looking for food around the garden and I hope they will make several meals from the intruders I found among my salad leaves
Ugh! Sometimes I think the French are to be admired. I wish I could make a buttery, garlicky meal of this lot but I can't. I'll just have to hope the blackbirds find them.


  1. Mrs. B looks fat and sassy and quite pleased with herself for producing such a splendid brood. We had the pleasure of watching robins build a nest outside our porch and were actually out there when the fledglings took their maiden flight. The smallest had a little trouble deciding whether the flying into the void was really a good idea, but finally took off only to drop the ground. We held out breath as it quickly got up took a running start and flew straight up to a tall branch.

    My husband and I felt as proud as the robin parents too see mission accomplished.

  2. My husband has spent more time watching the progress of the eggs/babies/fledglings than he has watching the cricket! You would think he was the proud father.

    So far they have stayed inside the garage, fluttering around the piles of boxes and stuff in there. I hope they will eventually realise that they are supposed to fly into the trees.

  3. Whoever said being a parent was easy.

  4. Aw, so sweet. There's nothing like watching a bird family. You know, it's funny, I can eat escargot in a restaurant but if I have a snail in my garden, well, it's an absolute ew moment. ;)


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