Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recent distractions

I have been in London for a few days, enjoying the company of my delightful granddaughter. As you can see, even a picnic in the garden can be an occasion for high drama."Okay, Grandma, you can have some pictures for your blog."

Then, caught red-handed picking out the favourite bits, it is.......... "Get that camera out of here!"

Just before leaving for London, I noticed a lot of activity in the garden: two pairs of young blackbirds started building nests inside the garage. After zooming around to collect twigs, they started to look for softer materials for the linings. Click on the pictures for a better view.
Eventually, this one noticed some string on the wall beside him.

While he was putting that into the nest, we cut up lots more string and the birds kept us busy for an hour.
They didn't mind our presence at all, just as long as we kept on cutting up bits of string.

They are sitting on the eggs at present but I'm hoping to get some pictures of the stringy nests when they have finished.


  1. Great pictures. We'll have to have a nest competition. Looks like yours will win on original content.
    Nest envy... curse of the amateur wildlife photographer.

  2. e,
    Would you care to expand on that? Are you referring to my skills as a photographer or the content of the pictures. Or perhaps a touch of irony?

  3. My comment refers to your providing string for the bird's nest in order to photograph it and probably win a prestigious and lucrative prize for nature-in-the-wild photography or at least a gig with Nat'l Geographic!

    It wasn't until after I hit the publish button, I realized that the bird pictures were part of the Millie's pictures post. (She's gotten more adorable -- if that's even possible).

    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Thank you for the explanation, e.

    I can assure you that I did not supply the string in order to take pictures. when my husband saw them pulling bits of string out of the garage, he decided to help them along with smaller pieces. I brought the camera out well into the operation.

  5. Lovely thought - you cutting up string for the birds.

  6. Perfect occasions, Maureen. I so loved reading about them, and seeing the pictures.

  7. Thank you, Nan. I hated leaving Millie but had to come home.

    I can see one blackbird mother sitting on her nest but the other nest is high in the rafters. This is the first time they have nested indoors and we are really looking forward to seeing the babies.

  8. Lovely photos. Gosh, Millie has grown!


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