Thursday, June 25, 2009

A bag to put it in

As Christmas or birthdays approached and we children started to list all the things we would like to have, my mother would put a stop to our greediness with, "Oh yes, and a bag to put it in."

My son and daughter-in-law were not at all greedy when choosing something from The Quilted Nursery, so when I finished the quilt they wanted, I made them a bag to put it in.


  1. A grandma for the ages! Pretty soon to be the Picasso of Pinwheels.

  2. If only! I just can't get the corners to line up properly. Fortunately the baby won't notice or care.

  3. My mother was a Leonardo Da Vinci with anything she touched. She had what I call 'good hands." She'd make me fabulous creations just from pictures in Bloomingdale and Lord and Taylor ads or fashion magazines. Remember those were the days when high fashion could be worn by women who weighed more than 82 pounds.

    Ditto for afghans, quilts, table cloths, etc. Knitting, crocheting, in fact, any kind of needle work, were putty in her hands. Instruction books, patterns, designs -- not in her vocabulary. Naturally things fit perfectly and came out the exact size she meant them to be. A perfectionist. I saw her rip out hours of work because of a flaw only she could see.

    I was quite the opposite, so I stuck to cross stitch embroidery and even those were problematic because each stitch wasn't always exactly the same length as the others and afghans and quilts which didn't need to be exactly the right size (or have military corners) to still look nice and be serviceable.

    My stuff isn't museum quality, but they did the job. The trick is when you fold your new baby's afghan, make sure to compensate for the corners with a little fudging to make them come out square.

    I sure envy you a new baby in the family.

  4. e, you have my kind of attitude! Nothing I make bears close inspection by a perfectionist but the people I care about, and they are the ones I knit and sew for, appreciate the effort I make. I'm hoping that there is toom for a new kind of heirloom - grandma's best efforts.

  5. See I can't even get the typing right! For 'toom' read 'room'.


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