Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

After weeks of promoting an atmosphere of doom, gloom and fear, the BBC has decided that we should all cheer up and start counting our blessings. A new series, called Reasons to be cheerful begins tomorrow on BBC Radio 4. The first episode features broadcaster Peter White, who is blind, attempting to convince Grumpy Old Man, Arthur Smith, that life is full of things to make us feel good.

I tend to be a glass-half-full person (although there have been some very trying times recently), so I thought I would change my name to Pollyanna for the day and think of some things to be glad about.

  1. Top of my list has to be my family and friends. If I were to list them all I would be here for a very long time.
  2. I am very glad that I spent yesterday with my friend from 60goingon16. I'm glad that we enjoyed our fabulous Somerset Rarebit even though we had to wait for an hour to be served. I am glad that we share a sense of the absurd and managed to laugh off our frustration at the poor service.
  3. I am really glad that I have retired and no longer have to try to implement daft ideas from the Department for Education or should that be Department for Education and Science or didn't it changed to Department for Children, Schools and Families or was that last week?
  4. I am glad that I don't have to live in a city.
  5. I am glad that my appearance and talents are unremarkable and I therefore don't have to worry about impressing anyone.
Well, that's a start. Do add your reasons to be cheerful, I'm sure I have left lots of areas to cover. I will just finish with a cheering picture from my garden.


  1. Hello Monix
    Each morning when I open my eyes I have to say I feel cheerful - or is that happy, glad, satisfied - to know I am alive to meet another day. And if its raining I'm even more cheerful lol

    (We are desperately short of water down here so every little drop helps)

    Seriously tho' not every one lives their life with a cheerful attitude and it certainly is a downer when you come across one of them. Sort of deflates you and takes away any happy feelings you might have at that time
    Take care

  2. I'm so glad that you are another cheerful soul, Cathy. Life's too short to be miserable!

    If I could find a way to send you some of our rain, that would make us both even happier.

  3. I just love your list! Here's mine:
    I'm grateful I have good children and a good husband.
    I'm grateful that I can still stay at home to take care of things here.
    I'm grateful I ahve chickens in my back yard who give us yummy eggs.
    I'm grateful that I am healthy.
    I'm grateful when I want rarebit, I can go to the frozen food section of the grocery store and pick up a package of Stouffer's passable offering! lol Besides, there are no restaurants here that serve it!
    Gratitude is greatly underappreciated. Thanks for starting this post!

  4. And thanks to you for joining in with such a happy spirit, Karin. I envy you those yummy eggs but, as Pollyanna for the day, I am glad I know someone who has yummy eggs from her own chickens!

  5. Yes, there are always plenty of reasons to be cheerful, M, and I usually start the day in a positive frame of mind. But I have fallen from grace and ranted on my blog about the poor service we endured yesterday because I don't think the teashop treated all those patient, long-suffering customers, especially the very elderly ones, with even a smidgen of respect! Then I spent the morning sorting out bureaucratic nonsense with an insurance company that owes me me a large wodge of money and has done for ages.

    It took a long walk with another friend and our dogs tbis afternoon to restore sanity and good humour. But then friends, close family, animals and being close to nature will always restore me to my positive self. So now I'm feeling fine again! (Our book booty put a big smile on my face too.)

  6. I must go over to see your rant,D. It really was the most appalling service I have encountered, so I will endorse everything you said, I'm sure.

    Not having a dog, I soothe my ruffled feelings with sewing (current project a baby quilt for Grandbaby#2) and a spending spree at the garden centre this morning which was far more extravagant than our book bargains.

    So glad that you are feeling cheerful now. Perhaps we could have a Grumpy Old Bloggers Day later in the month?


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