Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Little Mischief

Our darling little granddaughter has arrived for the holiday. Don't be fooled by the winning smile, this 13-month old is full of mischief and she can move very quickly.
If silly old Grumpy leaves the door to his den open, what's a girl to do but explore?
Mmm, this looks interesting and just the sort of thing they usually keep out of my reach ....

Watch me, Grandma ....
No, this kids' stuff is not a good substitute.
I have a feeling that the next few days are going to be action-packed. What was that stuff they used to recommend for fortifying the over-40s?


  1. She's lovely! and does look full of mischief...all I can recommend is sitting down for every second she is still..to recharge (you hopefully..they seems to always be on superfast recharge)

  2. Hope you all have a happy time over Easter, M, even if you need a rest cure afterwards. Lunch and a visit to that bookshop in Dulverton will probably be just what you need next week.

  3. Your granddaughter is just adorable. :) And yes, she does have that little sparkle of mischief in her eyes.
    I remember when I was little there were ads on the TV for Geritol Liquid. It was guaranteed to help you rid yourself of that tired, run-down feeling, sort of like Lucy's VitaMeataVegimin syrup on the old I Love Lucy show. lol We called it the old-people's syrup.
    I wouldn't worry. You'll find the energy to keep up with your little spitfire!

  4. Yes, everyone, Millie is gorgeous and full of fun and energy. I had forgotten just how active a mobile baby can be. Do you think those women of 60+ who go for fertility treatment are quite sane?

  5. Oh, she's pretty gorgeous, Monix. So, are you taking the Sanatogen?

  6. Thanks for supplying the elusive name of that tonic, DD. The old grey cells are under great pressure, along with the stamina just at the moment. I wouldn't miss it for anything, of course!

  7. Millie is lovely! I thought it was'Phyllosan' for the over forties?

  8. Crinny, you wouldn't recognise Millie as the baby you saw in London. She is quite her own person now.

    And I think you are right about the fortifying stuff - weren't all the ads alliterative in those days?


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