Friday, February 27, 2009

Cable and moss stitch

While confined to the house with a chest infection for the last few weeks, I kept busy by knitting a jacket for Millie's approaching first birthday. I had some Sirdar Hug yarn in my craft bag and found this pattern in my Debbie Bliss Baby Knits book. The only thing lacking was my cable needle, which is somewhere among all the boxes we hastily moved into storage. So I improvised ... da daaa ....

Yes, that is a paint brush and didn't it do well? I will be taking the jacket up to London next week and perhaps I will get a picture of Millie wearing it.


  1. Gosh that's gorgeous!
    You are rather clever : )

  2. It's quite a simple pattern, Val. I have only taken up knitting again since becoming a grandma and I confess to having to unpick quite a lot of mistakes as I go along. I'm getting better, though, and grandchild number 2, due in July, should benefit from the practice I've had on garments for Millie.

  3. I love Debbie Bliss. I just think she can't be beaten when it comes for patterns for children. I really enjoy knitting her cable patterns too. I love the texture of the little jacket you knitted, I can imagine your grandaughter snuggled up in it.

    PS. I'm still knitting a cricket jumper for my eldest in Debbie Bliss Rialto, an air force blue, I'll post a picture when I'm done.

  4. Dulce D, I look forward to seeing your cricket jumper. I used to enjoy making those for my son. I find cable easy but fairisle really was beyond me - tangled strands and irregular tension had me beaten.

  5. Wow, M, you are sooo clever. It looks gorgeous. Hope you manage to get a pic of Millie wearing it. My knitting days are past, I fear, and cable was part of the problem!

  6. What a lucky girl Millie is! It is beautiful.


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