Thursday, October 02, 2008

Anyone for cabbage?

Thanks to a tip on the fascinating blog Bread and Roses, I'm enjoying exploring the BFI clips on YouTube. Here is one from 1941 showing the nation (a) how to cook a cabbage, (b) the proper place for girls, (c) the way boys should be shown the proper place for girls. Watch out too for the difference in attitude towards Health and Safety between then and now. I would love to give those boys a good slap and I could have done that without fear of being accused of child abuse in those days.

It is rather a long clip but worth watching.


  1. Yes, the greatest mystery of the whole clip is why Granny Inglestone did not give those boys a good smack. She looked pretty no-nonsense, she was allowed to by the cultural norms of her day, the boys deserved it...Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the BFI archives, I must admit, I'm pretty addicted to them!

  2. I was also surprised that they were allowed to start eating (as did the grandma) before the girls were ready. Awful table manners in any age but especially then, I would think.

    Thanks for introducing me to this new, absorbing distraction.

  3. That is amazing M!! Makes one realize how far we have come towards equality of the sexes and why it has been such a difficult journey Did you watch the one on tea making tips?

  4. Hi Crinny. Glad to see you are back online. I haven't watched the tea making tips yet. I am rationing myself very strictly to three films per day!

  5. Fascinating! Yes, what bad manners that the boys started before the girls had sat down. Was shocked that the girls had to be waitresses. Oh dear, I can see these films cd be a new addiction for me too.


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