Thursday, September 11, 2008

Themed pictures

I have just returned from my short visit to Bristol. I will be saying something about that later, when I have sorted through the 148 pictures I took in Bristol and Bath. Meanwhile, I have been catching up on my favourite blogs and see that several themes have been running. I mentioned a few days ago that both 60goingon16 and Musings from a Muddy Island had featured paintings with women and windows; Margaretha, who is on an island of a different kind at the moment, picked up the theme and has been posting lots of beautiful pictures.
Then, I noticed another link, this time relating to beach huts. Here is my photo of the huts at Lyme Regis, featured on D's blog and right next to the huts is this extremely pink beach cafe ; even the salt and pepper pots look edible.


  1. Beach huts, windows . . . it's been that kind of a week, hasn't it? How lovely to see these little themes catching a mood, taking off and wafting across the blogosphere. I'd forgotten about these beach huts at Lyme - it's ages since I was last there - so it's great to see your pics and D's. Did the pink caff serve any non-pink food??

  2. Oh the pastel colours of those beach huts - they look like ice-cream.

  3. J, We didn't check out the menu for fear of having to count the Es.

    Cybill, They are certainly 'different'.

  4. Welcome back, M. That whole ice cream thing in Lyme reminds me of those ice cream bricks that we used to have on special occasions when I was little. Either Walls or Lyons Maid (no other make available) in three sections: white, pink and green - vanilla, strawberry and pistachio . . . eaten in a slices in a dish or between two wafers (and the slice was, hopefully, your favourite colour/flavour). I was a pistachio girl myself - what about you?

  5. Definitely strawberry for me, D. What memories.


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