Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Butterfly quilt

I love to sit in the garden to watch the butterflies and bees. There has been very little opportunity to do that in this year's rainy, gloomy summer so, instead, I cut out lots of butterflies and made this little quilt for my Edinburgh niece's baby.


  1. I do hope so, e. I really enjoyed working with the bright fabrics.

  2. Love your quilt. I have been trying to think up a pattern for our youth auction at church next year. I try to plan ahead!!!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. What did you teach in school? I taught elementary school--usually 4th or 5th grade. I always knew that I would be a teacher someday. I loved teaching. The last few years were not as much fun as the first several--we had a lot of changes in education that took time away from the fun things to do--just more forms to fill out, if you know what I mean. I retired after 29 years. I have been so busy these 7 years. I am so thankful to have had a job where I could retire early and spend some time doing things I want and need to do. I am an only child, so I have my parents to take care of. My husband has 2 sisters, but a lot of the Dr. visit trips fall on me. I also babysit every Monday for 1 of my grandsons. Our 3 other grandchildren live several counties away, so we usually only see them on a weekend every now and then. I love to make little quilts, although I have started a big one for our granddaughter with the intention of making all 4 of them one someday!!!

  3. I'm not a very experienced quilter, Ada Mae, but I do enjoy it. I've had a lot of tips and encouragement from erp, who has made some lovely quilts for her family.

    I originally trained to teach English to upper primary and lower secondary classes but went on to become a Teacher of the Deaf, teaching in a special school, then running a unit attached to a mainstream school. I had a ten-year break when I had my children and then went in to advisory work with deaf children and their families and schools. It was all very interesting and rewarding but, as you say, the rules kept changing and I spent more time in meetings and in my office than with the people who needed help and I was glad to retire two years ago.

  4. Oh wow! How lovely, how talented you are.


I love to read your comments and promise that I will reply as soon as I can leave my garden, sewing room or kitchen!