Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of winners

I am delighted to have found a use for my sun hats at last. Two book draws may not be quite what they were designed for but this could well be the only time they come out of the cupboard this year. First we have the draw for Down to a Sunless Sea.The winner is Elizabeth. I will be sending your details to Mathias Freese, Elizabeth. He will send an autographed copy directly to you.
The green sun hat contains the names of all who entered the draw for those 'shelf-clearance' books. They are all books I have read and don't want to keep or are duplicate copies.
Everyone is a winner, all I have to do is think of an ingenious way to let everyone get the book of their choice! Please email me with your postal address and the books you like, in the order of preference. I think everyone will agree that Diane should have first choice, since she provided the correct answer plus a humorous one. The order out of the hat was then:
  • Crinny
  • Margaretha
  • Juliet
  • Carolyn
  • Bruessel
  • Tanith (Millie's Mum)
Thank you all for joining in. I hope you will enjoy your book.


  1. This is the first time my name has come first out of a hat since I was nine when I won a box of bricks! My preferences are on the way. Thank you M

  2. Goodness, another lovely surprise - especially when most of your delightful readers probably thought I was being very frivolous and not taking Latin seriously. (How could an ex-convent-schoolgirl not take Latin seriously . . .?)

    I've started collecting Persephone (secondhand ones that I come across by chance) so would love the Dorothy Whipple to add to them. Et gratias ago tibi, M.

    I have decided to follow your shining example (and for the same reasons) so will also be doing a book draw this week.

  3. D, I'll give you the Persephone on Saturday. Then I'll be over to enter your book draw.

    Crinny, if no-one else asks for one, I'll send you the Ruth Rendell and the Barbara Vine.

  4. Gosh, how exciting. Don't mind which I end up with, M, as long as it's not the dreaded Penguin Classic! I've read quite a few of the others, but leave me until last and we'll see if there's anything left at the end which I haven't got. My TBR mountain is far too massive for me to be the tiniest bit greedy for more!

  5. J, so far the Persephone, Ruth Rendell, Cecelia Ahern and Dorothy Koomson have been selected. I'm still waiting to hear from Carolyn and Tanith. Actually T is arriving here tomorrow so she'll probably just help herself to something from my collection whether I want to part with it or no!


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